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Managing Emotions at the Workplace (2): Communicating confidently with a tough boss

Posted in Uncategorized by Rashmi Datt on March 11th, 2012
manage emotions

What is assertive behaviour? Assertiveness is the middle ground between aggression and passivity. It is about reasonable behaviour and finding solutions that suit both sides. Assertiveness means: Acknowledging your own feelings to yourself (“My boss gives me bits and pieces of tasks without total responsibility of the entire project, and I am feeling restless and unfulfilled”); Understanding […]

Your selection interview-Presenting your best

Posted in Uncategorized by Rashmi Datt on January 9th, 2012

Recently I was at the IITs on the invitation of the placement cell. They wanted some grooming tips on facing interviews. Running the workshop for 300 students was fun! One of the questions which needed the most preparation was the seemingly innocuous question: “Tell me about yourself” . Interviewers often ask this question at the […]

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