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Those sticky velcro thoughts

Posted in Managing our emotions,self regulation,Uncategorized by Rashmi Datt on February 9th, 2017

I visited an Acupuncture clinic recently, and after the 3rd visit (I was advised a minimum of 12 sessions), I noticed a redness on my left calf in the evening- and a soreness. The following day, it had swollen up and was painful. I was to travel for 3-4 days, and didn’t think it was […]

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EQ for Leaders – Tuning into others

emotional-intelligence-tuning  into others

One of the traits I notice in myself is that I am quick to find faults in others, and slow to recognize their gifts and strengths. I wonder if this is a defensive mechanism for me to feel safe- cocooned in the false belief that I am better than others. It’s exhilarating to think I’m […]

‘Mirror, mirror, who is the most irritating of them all?’

recognising and integrating our shadow

To form a successful relation with others, we need to relate with our own negative qualities I had been feeling guilty about not spending enough time with some houseguests who were staying for the weekend. Being in their seventies, the couple was quite happy to chat with my mother who had also come over to […]

Self-regulation or the art of locking the door before the horse bolts

Posted in Managing our emotions,Personal Effectiveness by teamrashmi@etlabs on May 2nd, 2012
self control

A lot of the times we end up saying or doing something we regret later.  One aspect of Emotional Intelligence is self-regulation- or impulse control, or simply self-control. Recently I was discussing this subject with Prof Sudhir Jain, Director of the new IIT at Gandhinagar, who is a rare combination of an academic with international […]

Managing Emotions at the Workplace (2): Communicating confidently with a tough boss

manage emotions

What is assertive behaviour? Assertiveness is the middle ground between aggression and passivity. It is about reasonable behaviour and finding solutions that suit both sides. Assertiveness means: Acknowledging your own feelings to yourself (“My boss gives me bits and pieces of tasks without total responsibility of the entire project, and I am feeling restless and unfulfilled”); Understanding […]

Managing Emotions at the Workplace (1): Why do we get emotionally hijacked?

Posted in Communication skills,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on March 11th, 2012
passive behaviour

Communication at the workplace (particularly with the boss) is as important as lubricant for our car engine. Without it our career will sputter and stall, and work life will be full of breakdowns and headaches. In quiz, you saw a few situations, which if not clarified, have the potential to worsen our irritation with time.  […]

Handling a low audience turnout with aplomb

Posted in Communication skills,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on February 25th, 2012

Yesterday, I was at a Best Practices seminar organized by one of the reputed MBA colleges of India. After the inaugural session when the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour had left, there was a tea break followed by a talk by Srikanth Surampudi, the Regional HR Head of one of the largest IT firms […]

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Posted in Conflict management,Featured,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on November 24th, 2011

“How do you react if your bottom were pinched?” Yesterday, our 14-year old daughter, worry writ large on her face, hesitantly raised this question at dinner time. Welcome to the grown-up world, I thought inwardly. So what had happened was that in her school bus (unusually crowded as they were heading from school to a […]

Pause, Reflect and Respond

Posted in Communication skills,Featured,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on November 11th, 2011

Once the jungle was ruled by a lion who was impartial, scrupulous and straightforward in his dealings. The one thing that the animals found difficult to reconcile with was he could not be defeated when he hunted for food, which meant that they lived in constant terror. They did not know which friend or relative […]

‘Mouse at meeting’ law

Posted in Communication skills,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on September 29th, 2011

If at a meeting you fail to utter a single squeak or make any contribution whatsoever, you will make as much impact as a mouse. For heaven’s sake take the plunge, and make a point or two. I was at a meeting recently where we were to review training and development needs for the organization. […]

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