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Those sticky velcro thoughts

Posted in Managing our emotions,self regulation,Uncategorized by Rashmi Datt on February 9th, 2017

I visited an Acupuncture clinic recently, and after the 3rd visit (I was advised a minimum of 12 sessions), I noticed a redness on my left calf in the evening- and a soreness. The following day, it had swollen up and was painful. I was to travel for 3-4 days, and didn’t think it was […]

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EQ for Leaders – Tuning into others

One of the traits I notice in myself is that I am quick to find faults in others, and slow to recognize their gifts and strengths. I wonder if this is a defensive mechanism for me to feel safe- cocooned in the false belief that I am better than others. It’s exhilarating to think I’m […]

Self-regulation or the art of locking the door before the horse bolts

Posted in Managing our emotions,Personal Effectiveness by teamrashmi@etlabs on May 2nd, 2012

A lot of the times we end up saying or doing something we regret later.  One aspect of Emotional Intelligence is self-regulation- or impulse control, or simply self-control. Recently I was discussing this subject with Prof Sudhir Jain, Director of the new IIT at Gandhinagar, who is a rare combination of an academic with international […]

Managing Emotions at the Workplace (1): Why do we get emotionally hijacked?

Posted in Communication skills,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on March 11th, 2012

Communication at the workplace (particularly with the boss) is as important as lubricant for our car engine. Without it our career will sputter and stall, and work life will be full of breakdowns and headaches. In quiz, you saw a few situations, which if not clarified, have the potential to worsen our irritation with time.  […]

Balancing Emotional Intelligence with Creativity- An Interview with Dilip Chhabria

Posted in Uncategorized by Rashmi Datt on February 29th, 2012
Secrets of success

(Dilip Chhabria is the founder of DC Design, internationally recognised for quality services in vehicle customizing and modification) The first thing that strikes you about Dilip Chhabria as he walks into the restaurant where we are meeting him for dinner is his utter ease with himself, as he laughingly explains why he wife couldn’t make […]

Winning with Emotional Intelligence- The Panchatantra Way

Posted in Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on July 20th, 2011

‘When man learns to understand and control his own behaviour as well as he is learning to understand and control the behaviour of crop plants and domestic animals, he may be justified in believing that he has become civilised.’ —Ayn Rand, author Most of our goof-ups are in the area of Emotional Intelligence Years ago, […]

Pause, Reflect and Respond: Emotional Intelligence from the Panchatantra

Posted in Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on July 20th, 2011

 In nineteenth century India, when it was not unusual for children to be married off, a young girl was just getting used to her new, equally young partner. The immature bridegroom had no idea of the rights and role of a husband, so he bought some pamphlets containing chauvinistic advice to men to dominate their […]

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