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Managing Emotions at the Workplace (2): Communicating confidently with a tough boss

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What is assertive behaviour? Assertiveness is the middle ground between aggression and passivity. It is about reasonable behaviour and finding solutions that suit both sides. Assertiveness means: Acknowledging your own feelings to yourself (“My boss gives me bits and pieces of tasks without total responsibility of the entire project, and I am feeling restless and unfulfilled”); Understanding […]

Managing Emotions at the Workplace (1): Why do we get emotionally hijacked?

Posted in Communication skills,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on March 11th, 2012

Communication at the workplace (particularly with the boss) is as important as lubricant for our car engine. Without it our career will sputter and stall, and work life will be full of breakdowns and headaches. In quiz, you saw a few situations, which if not clarified, have the potential to worsen our irritation with time.  […]

Assertiveness- The Power of Positive Communication

Posted in Communication skills,Managing our emotions,Personal Effectiveness by Rashmi Datt on July 17th, 2011

 Recently, I found myself at the clinic of an expensive doctor. When my turn came to explain my problem, he was interrupted several times by phone calls, each of which lasted a few minutes. In my allotted fifteen minutes, I had barely spoken before he handed me a prescription. Should I object, and express my […]

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