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‘Mirror, mirror, who is the most irritating of them all?’

To form a successful relation with others, we need to relate with our own negative qualities I had been feeling guilty about not spending enough time with some houseguests who were staying for the weekend. Being in their seventies, the couple was quite happy to chat with my mother who had also come over to […]

Do you throw stones at every barking dog?

Posted in Conflict management,Featured by Rashmi Datt on January 5th, 2012

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks”, said Winston Churchill. Earlier, I wrote about the importance of Choosing Your Battles to Win the War: You need to ignore the small stuff— minor setbacks, obstacles and conflicts; so that you focus your energies for the big […]

Choose Your Battles Wisely

Posted in Conflict management,Featured,Managing our emotions by Rashmi Datt on November 24th, 2011

“How do you react if your bottom were pinched?” Yesterday, our 14-year old daughter, worry writ large on her face, hesitantly raised this question at dinner time. Welcome to the grown-up world, I thought inwardly. So what had happened was that in her school bus (unusually crowded as they were heading from school to a […]

My lessons in conflict management…


Today I had an altercation with one of my staff members. I had assigned her some work, and when I reviewed it, I found she had done a shoddy job. So naturally I called her attention to it and reprimanded her. ‘What is this?’ I demanded.  But her retort was very rebellious. She flounced out […]

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