Service Strategy

Rather than a pre-packaged set of ideas, Dialog offers you customized solutions with this four-step approach:

Training Needs Research:

We learn first about YOU-your organizational structure, vision and goals, internal culture and external competition. This includes confidential questionnaires and interviews or focussed group discussions to identify the current issues facing participants and the company.

Customized Programme Design:

The impact and effectiveness of our programs start in the planning process. Once the training objectives have been identified, we translate it into specific training areas and modules- incorporating past training, real work problems and situations, weaving together our best program design. At Dialog Services we believe learning is a lifelong process and we continually challenge ourselves to invent new high impact programs for our clients.

Program Delivery:

Each program is highly interactive with one main goal of causing participants to “think differently” about their role in the overall growth and improvement of the organization.

We use an experiential approach which emphasizes active participant involvement rather than passive receptivity and therefore helps internalize learning. Learning is through simulated behavioral exercises, role plays, management games, participant presentations, etc. Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning.

Follow Through:

We conduct a follow-up assessment to examine how participants are applying their newly learned skills back in the workplace, and share the results with you so you can see the return on your investment is.


Training Philosophy


To ensure that our training workshops: We
Provide answers and solutions to real problems
  • Follow the CPR Rule : Content, Participation, Review (Design relevant Content ; Allow for Participation ; Find ways to Review and reinforce the material throughout the day )
  • Are fun
    Training philosophy
  • Keep in mind the 90/20/8 Rule: Keep training modules to 90 minutes; change the pace every 20 minutes and involve people every 8 minutes
  • Leave participants incharge of their own learning
  • Use the 30/70 Rule: 30% of the training is trainer driven and 70% of the training participant led
  • Help participants internalize learning which ‘kicks in’ at an emotional rather than intellectual level
  • Use experiential training
  • Dialog Services

    was started in 1993 by Rashmi Datt.

    Our mission is to facilitate learning agility in individuals. Employees with learning agility:

    • have a rock-solid commitment to learning
    • continually stretch and challenge themselves
    • are relentless in seeking and accepting feedback about their performance.

    Results: Thus Agile Learners increase company performance by delivering results, even in difficult or new situations because they: take full ownership for giving their best as their high self-awareness causes them to recognize when they are blocking themselves through their own negative emotions; embrace change quickly; and think creatively.

    Experience: With a total experience of over 25 years, we have been helping companies maximize their potential. The unique nature and inherent excitement of our work has lead top performing companies to seek our expertise in their search for a competitive edge.

    Commitment: Our resolution is to align your training and learning needs with your organization’s business goals. Each custom designed program caters to the uniqueness of that group and our service strategy assures powerful results.

    Rashmi Datt
    Rashmi Datt is an Emotional Intelligence coach who facilitates change and growth in people and organizations, where she conveys the urgency of ‘learn as if you were to live forever’.

    She infuses in people a passion for ‘steep-ening’ their development gradient – the ability to benefit from experiences (failure, criticism, facing obstacles), connecting the dots, and being creative. The individual’s growth as well as organization capability is enhanced.

    A post-graduate in Management from BITS Pilani, she worked for 8 years with Pfizer, Mumbai before starting Dialog Services. She is a qualified MBTI trainer from Association for Psychological Type (APT), USA.

    When she started at the ‘University Of Life’, she majored in ‘Self Sabotage’, ‘Winning the battles but losing the war’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Distraction’. But while the lessons were hard, it was a great opportunity to master the subject of human behaviour and thus was born a valuable insight into Emotional Intelligence.

    A thinker and writer in the world of managing our own thoughts, emotions and behaviour, she has written two books: ‘Managing your Boss’, which was translated into two foreign languages- Mandarin and Bhasa Indonesia; & ‘And the Lion Smiled at the Rabbit-Manage Emotions to Win’.

    She is a perpetual learner, and an intermittent many things – gardener, badminton player, yoga practitioner, baker, amongst others.

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