OD Consulting

We help in structuring HR processes such as :

HR Processes

  • Develop an HR Manual for which captures company employment practices FOULATING
  • Define role profiles and target- setting for key individuals
  • Design of performance systems- Design of succession planning framework
  • Envisioning Organiational mission and vision statements
  • Rewards framework, employee recognition mechanism

Organization Climate Diagnostic

Organization Climate Diagnostic

We conduct employee surveys to measure the scope or depth of a problem (employee morale, employee perception of management/ leadership effectiveness, employee perception of systems effectiveness, employee attitude, training needs, etc). It can comprise of open end questions in it where people are free to speak up their mind, qualitative confidential questionnaire, personal interviews or Focused Group Discussions.

New Manager Assimilation

New Manager Assimilation

We facilitate an informal interaction between a new manager and his team to help get acquainted quickly and lay the foundation for open candid discussions.

The benefits:

  • Surfaces concerns, issues, questions and expectations the team may have regarding work relationships
  • Begin building strong, positive and positive working relationships


  • Typically held 1½ – 2 months from the day of joining of the manager.
  • It has also proven extremely beneficial to Managers who have been in their roles even for over 18 months

(The process was developed in General Electric, and is now used by leading organizations internationally)

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